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MegDesk Restructuring

MegDesk Redirects Visitors to Blog in Under 30 Seconds

07/17/2008 - MegDesk editor in chief, Meg Natraj, announced Thursday that she would roll out a new restructuring campaign on the main page of the web-based pseudo-newspaper. As work begins to redesign the 9-year-old website, visitors to the homepage will temporarily be redirected to the more-often-updated MegDesk Blog.

"After a year of complete inactivity, the main content of the website has lost its relevancy and is in need of desperate attention," Natraj said. Although plans for the upcoming redesign are still incomplete, the editorial staff hopes for new, improved content, a fresh site design, and cleaner markup code. Natraj admits that the site's appearance has not been updated since 2005. "While the pages may have looked fine then, in the world of web development, three years is way too long to remain stationary!"

The editing and design staff is uncertain how long the main site will be down but hopes that the interim Blog redirection will not inconvenience the news site's few loyal readers. "We want our readers to be aware that this is only a short-term fix," Natraj said. "Unfortunately, we're never certain how long 'short-term' will be. Next year is MegDesk's 10-year anniversary, so hopefully we will be ready for that!"

Site management assures visitors that they will be reaccommodated in under 30 seconds. Otherwise, they can

click here to continue to the MegDesk Blog.

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